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This summer my family and I drove to Daytona, Florida to visit with my grandparents. We had wanted to go to Florida for a while, missing the smell of the beach. Waking up at 4:15 in the morning, we all made sure we had everything we needed in our suit cases. It was just 4:45 in the morning when we started to pack everything in the back of the car. We got in our car and started to drive, which ended up to be 12 hours. My grandparents live on a golf course which is very close the beach. We arrived at the house, waiting in the driveway for my grandmother to get home, me and my sister, Sarah, ran around the house trying to look in the window to see what her house looked like. They had a golf course right behind their house; we walked our dog around for a few minutes then she pulled up in the driveway. We raced to her and hugged her tightly.
The next day we were headed to the beach I think my dad was the most excited about it. We find a sandy parking space Right in front of the sun. Grandma bought us boogie boards which was awesome of here. We jump out of the car, open the tailgate and grab our new, wrapped boogie boards and start running. We ran down the sandy stairs filled with long grass and weeds covering the steps. There we are on the hot sand, flip flops in our hands and cover-ups coming off. We set up the long blue and green chair. Then we put some spray-on sun-screen and walk through the warm wet sand in to the cold foamy ocean. The waves crashed down on the shore pushing down everyone in the water. The next few days were the same. Two Days before we left the waves were huge. It pulled me and Sarah down about half a mile down the shore away from our family. We stared swim parallel