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Diego Hernandez
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Today despite all the warnings and the risk posed to future health, young people still try it and many go on to become addicted. I think there are links between teenage smoking, depression and some negative behaviors; as a result, teenagers being manipulated into becoming smokers. As though it's not bad enough that adults get sucked in, when it's done to kids, it's craven, in every sense of that word. Thus, more and more governments are trying to make people aware of the health risks and consequences of smoking. Some governments have even banned smoking in all indoor public places. There are not many smokers about who started smoking after the age of eighteen. In fact, the majority of smokers took up the habit in their early or mid teens; despite everything we've learned about the dangers of smoking, we've not found a way to stop teenagers doing it. Many students start smoking just because social circles with their friends and then it turned into a habit. Some children may also begin to smoke if they have low self-esteem. Smoking may get them in with the "in crowd" and help them to make friends. If they smoke, then they will be accepted by their peers. Other teens star smoke for the influence of their parents or friends around them; also, the television is a bad influence for everyone because in many shows or movies are actors and actresses who like to smoke or are smoking in the movie so it will be a bad or worst influence for teens.