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Book Response 1

1. Myers, Walter Dean, Workman, Ross, Kick, Harper Teen, 2012

2. The main character is Kevin Johnson who is a Hispanic and loves soccer. He lives

with his mom and his grandmother. Kevin makes a bad decision at the

beginning. He ends up in juvenile detention center and is pressed with a

mouthful of charges. The judge allows him to return home for the period

between court appearances, and he has a mentor. He knows that he made a bad

decision and he wants to try to make up for it.

I think that Kevin will realize that the society needs good young kids that are

the future, and he will eventually be a cop because of the impact that Sergeant

Brown had on him.. Kevin didn’t really change, he was always a good kid, he just

got caught up in this incident when he really should’ve taken a step back and

thought about his future actions and how this would impact his life later on.

The book realates to our lives because it is so easy to get caught up with drugs

and underage drinking that you finally get caught doing it, you will get a big

penalty. Kevin got lucky that his dad was a cop, if his dad wasn’t, he would

probably end up in juvy, but with sergeant brown’s help, he will make it back

into society and contribute. I think that all people under sixteen should be given

a mentor to help them get back on the right track and be a good role model to them.

3. Sergeant brown can symbolize our parents and how we should follow them and

let them be a role model to us. Soccer to kevin can represent socializing with our

friends and how that needs to come second and our academics and staying out of

trouble comes first. Kevin sees soccer as life and we should too, you may not get

the perfect ball passed to