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The Editor
The Daily Telegraph
W12 3ED

Dear Sir;
I have recently read the “Jamie Oliver; British kids are wet” article in the Daily Telegraph, in your February 13th edition, I felt highly insulted and had the need to write a responds to this contemptible and unfair verbal abuse on young people in the British society.
I am a hard working student from Bonus Pastor Catholic College, who is preparing for my 12 forthcoming GCSE exams and I can honestly say I am not lazy, I work extremely hard to ensure I will achieve my 12 A* to B grades all my exams. In addition to this I have a Saturday job to help me save up for my future.
Firstly I would like to speak on behalf of all the young people of the British society. We are not “WET” for Jaime Oliver to “brand” a whole generation as “wet” is just disrespectful. The word “wet” is an insulting/derogatory term of abuse, and a massive generalization. He is verbally scaring all young people and taking a way there identity, if all it continues no doubt we will wear the title of a “wet” generation with honour. Jaime Oliver’s opinion is very weak and bias as there is no solid evidence to back him up, in-fact Jamie has Judged a whole generation based on a the 350 16 – 20 people he employees.
In the report it also states that Jaime is “embarrassed to look at British kid” when their “mummies” phoning up and saying; he’s too tired, you’re working him to hard”, dose Jaime have any sympathy and understanding people are