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The Dominican National Police announced today that captured two brothers who were persecuted for their alleged responsibility in the death of the captain of the Army of the Dominican Republic (ERD), Juan de la Cruz Ferreras Reyes, 39, killed in the La Urena , Santo Domingo.
This is the Ramon Cabrera and Edgar Salcedo brothers, 28 and 32 years, whom police said seized them a Taurus pistol, 9mm, with numbers filed.
This weapon is in the hands of the Scientific Police, to conduct spot tests and compare with reference caps gathered at the scene of the crime.
The preliminary report indicates that the captain Ferreras Reyes was shot last Wednesday by the now detained, who were traveling on a motorcycle.
The ERD official death occurred in the Hospital Ramon Lara, where he was taken to try to save his life.
The attack, according to police, occurred when the military was going to his home in the company of Bladimir Garcia, 23, who lives in the same sector.

The authorities of the province of Valverde, in northwestern Dominican Republic, today began a process of investigation into the discovery of the body of a man was found decapitated and the fingers of his hands amputees.
The victim is Felix Amado Santana, 63, a security guard of a summer house in the community El Cercado, a town where his body was found.
Until Saturday the police had reported no arrests, but spokesmen for the institution argued that the case is troubling because such crimes are rare in the country.
"These kinds of horrible crimes only occur in some Central American countries and several states in the north, northeast and northwest of Mexico where organized crime gangs control drug trafficking (and) undocumented dispute" seeking to enter United States, told Efe a police source.
The place where the body was found members of the National Police, prosecutors, forensic police and coroner were presented.
Peru's government has announced it will strengthen its relations with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) representing 10 countries, following a meeting of the Foreign Minister, Ana Maria Sanchez, with ambassadors of this group at its anniversary of creation.
Peruvian Foreign Minister said that at the end of the year, the ASEAN economic community will create in their opinion, will become "the most successful mechanism of integration of East Asia".
Also, the Chancellor said that Peru "will make every effort to strengthen, in this new stage, its relations with friendly countries in Southeast Asia".
The Association of Southeast Asian Nations was established on August 8, 1967 by Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand; and later Brunei Darussalam, Vietnam, Laos, Burma and Cambodia joined.
Sanchez said the ASEAN aims to establish economic community to create an area of free movement of goods, services, investment and capital flows, with equitable development and poverty reduction and economic disparities around the year 2020.