I got the Blues Essay

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I Got the Blues. In 1990, Stevie Ray Vaughn boarded a helicopter from Alpine Valley in East Troy, Wisconsin. He never lived to see the end of that flight, and in one instant, the world lost one of the greatest blues legend there has ever been. I know that there are many different genres of music, almost too many to count. However, I play music on a recreational level, and to me, blues is a very important genre in my style and what I choose to play, even though nothing I play is purely blues. The blues has set the tone for some of the biggest and brightest music stars we have ever seen and has been influential in almost all styles of music. It is the most important and best genre of all. Many genres have benefitted from the influence of the blues. Notably, most country genres can lend some of their credibility to the blues. Even genres like classic rock, southern rock, spanning all the way out to hip hop have some blues roots. Country’s storytelling aspect is a direct relation to blues; it comes from the idea that the music is inspired by the happenings in one’s own life and is an expression of their feelings. The edge that was developed in southern rock and classic rock came from aspiring blues artists that used the heavy, yet crisp, distorted tones of the blues to create a new style of play. Even hip hop has roots to the rhythm of the blues sound. Blues can lay claim to some of the most famous musicians and guitarists of all time. That is not to say that the blues is the road to fame and guitar god-like status, but the names that have taken part in the genre are no match for any other genre. BB King is the best selling blues artist of all time. He has composed over 75 solo blues albums and all of them are worthy of…