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Why the Medieval Society Menu?

The availability of spices depended a lot upon a person’s station, their geographic location and the time of year as well. Nobles with access to imports, for example, could get their hands on such spices as pepper, saffron and more. when it came to meats, medieval times food was definitely more well rounded for the wealthy class. Nobility could access a variety that included pork, chicken, rabbit, venison, lamb, fish, eel and more.

So for the 1st course we choose Salad, Fruit with Cheese, and Venison Sausage. To the people in the Medieval time period breakfast usually consisted of a small snack after morning mass. A cold hunk of bread and cheese was considered the medieval breakfast of champions. They where also know to start of there feast with fruits,nuts, cheeses, and wines.

For the 2nd course we brought Mushroom Potato and Ground Garlic soups to the table. Soups were easily digested and were prescribed for invalids since ancient times. The fact that there are some many different ingredients and spices in soups, we thought it might please our tables.

Moving on the 3rd course the Entree. We went along with roasted sausages, smoked swan, and marinated pork. Meat was a really big thing during the Middle Ages. They weren't able to get it often because it would spoil but when they did they where greatly appreciative. Middle age foods included a vast range of different meats, especially for the wealthy, royal, and noble. The Monk…