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Some local agencies deny the existence of gangs, while others do not clearly distinguish between criminal organizations and groups of rowdy teenagers.
Gang members tend to wear similar styles of clothing, know as theirs colors, to identify themselves. They also clean claim certain areas as their territory.
The origins of gangs activity are unclear, some researches claims that youth gangs first developed in Europe and that they may have appeared in the United Sates as early as late 1700s.
In the 1940s and 1950s, African Americans in Los Angeles formed groups called clubs, most of these groups were family-oriented, and many of them existed to help protect their members from violence.
The majority of gang members are male, many girls and young women why are involved with gangs are viewed primarily as possessions of male gang members, however, in other gangs female members are respected and treated as part of the group. Gang’s members are typically young of color in low-income neighborhoods. In 2006 49.5 percent were Hispanic or Latino, 35.2 percent were African American and 8,5 percent were white.
Many people fear a gang presence in their neighborhood because they associate gangs with guns, violence, crime and drugs abuse. Many communities have mixed feelings about gangs, people whose relatives are involved in gangs maybe reluctant to “crack down” on gang activities for fear that family members will be imprisoned.
Gangs have a long history in the United States, dating back to the 1800s. Some immigrants joined to gangs to help them gain a group identity, defend themselves against other groups, and establish a unified presence.
Most criminal activities of the street gangs of the early twentieth century involved delinquent acts or pretty crimes, such as brawls with rival gangs. As the twentieth century progressed, however, gangs became involved in more serious crimes.
The fourteen year gang prevalence trend, demonstrates that gang activity