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Donna D. Foster
Career Essay
27, January 2014

I have chosen Sage, because I feel as though I will be attending the best college for my major and a university that values its standards, students and academic studies.
The field Criminal Law and Justice Policy interests me because of the laws that are written for the Criminal acts and sentencing phase of a defendant. I believe any person that breaks the law should be punished and at the same time the sentence should also fit the crime committed. For example crack cocaine is a mixture of cocaine but people receive more time for crack instead of cocaine at its pure form, another area of crime that concerns me is homicide or murder.
Conspiracy to commit a murder in most instances carry a greater punishment than the person that has committed the crime. I believe both should be punishable by law however we should send a greater message of deterrence to the individual. While attending SCCC majoring in Criminal Justice, I was given the opportunity to be provided with various insights of the law, and ability to gain knowledge in the punishment and sentencing phase of an individual and obtaining information on whether the punishments were fair or unjust. While completing my case studies I was given the opportunity to review, research and familiarize myself with different amendments, Supreme Court rulings and other cases that
Were tried and sentences were received with that opportunity I