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I have complete ignorance on most things political. So I took a survey from politicalcompass.org/test to find out where I stand on the left-to-right political scale. On the left, we have the communism and socialism spectrum, while on the right we see fascism and conservatism. I must be quite ignorant on the political scene because I didn’t have any idea what socialism and fascism mean. Through some research, I found that socialism is basically a system that a community controls its own production, distribution, and exchange. By community I mean it is not controlled by private enterprise, rather a central government or community. Fascism on the other hand is a governmental system led by a dictator who is in complete power, and also suppresses opposition and criticism. Fascism fundamentally opposes democracy and liberalism. Advisors to the dictator are usually based on merit rather than election, leaving no options for “the people” to decide. To me, this sounds a lot like communism, where both systems are based on a single leader. I learned that the main difference is that while communism is based on a theory of economic equality, fascism is based on strength displayed through violence and conquest, basically war. Another interesting thing I learned about communism versus fascism is that in communism, all class distinctions are eliminated; while with fascism, there is a strict class structure in place to prevent chaos. This is the base of Nazism, or the belief in a superior race.

My result from the political compass was:

Economic Left/Right: -2.25
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.79
The chart that is set up looks like this (that red dot is…