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This is the picture of Uta Jima and this black star is estimated of the center of the village. Uta Jima used to celebrate their new year in the center of the village when Uta Jima supply water reach to the lowest point as it abased of their old calendar. This narrow stream is the source of life for the village, the consider the new year starts when the heavy rain comes to their village “The village’s sole source of water was a narrow stream beside the cobbled street that tumbled in flights of steps down through the center of the village”. (85) Village celebrate this event when the wet season comes as the women starts to do their laundry and children starts to celebrate after the heavy rain in the muddy torrent “ Here too the children would hold the launching ceremonies for their hand carved warships”. (85)
Uta Jima celebration for the wet season is used as symbol and rising action in the novel. The Uta Jima stream in the center of the village symbolize the strength of this small village as this small stream what gather the whole village together happily for a new year. This celebration what gives the people’s village the happiness and new life. Mishima mentioned this celebration to give a background to the reader for the village habits and culture to understand why Hatsue went to draw the water “Drawing water was women’s work”. (86) Women had to draw the water after the wet season and each woman had her own hours. As when Hatsue went to draw the water at night Yasuo tried…