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“I Have a Dream…” On August 28th 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his infamous “I Have a Dream…” speech in from of the Lincoln Memorial. His speech addresses civil rights and the struggles of racial diversity and equality. His speech highlights his main points of his speech while using analogies that the common American could understand. He uses historical facts and events to help administer his point. He also uses beautiful language to illustrate his points, making his speech memorable. He also articulated his speech so that people could hear the important notes. All this made his speech one of the greatest speeches in American history. In Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech, he uses analogies that everyone would now like, “In a sense we’ve come to our nation's capital to cash a check.” Probably all American’s have had to cash in checks and all know the process that goes with it. They would also understand what Dr. Martin Luther King means when he discusses the “insufficient funds.” Throughout his speech, he used these analogies so the common American could understand his point. He wanted not only for the black people to understand but also the white people. He wanted to use a common everyday task so people could be able to understand. He used historical facts to back up his analogies and points like Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation and the creation of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. He also explained what these events were and what they signify for everyone in terms of their civil rights and freedom. He also makes allusions like with “Five score years ago…” which refers to Lincoln’s Gettysburg address and “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness…” which refers to the United States Declaration of Independence. Dr. Martin Luther King also uses beautiful language to direct his points. It is in simple enough terms for everyone to understand and completely comprehend but it is also orchestrated so that it was memorable and the words stuck with people. His words were so eloquently put that people know them without even hearing the speech its self like, “I have a dream… I have a dream where…” and “Let freedom ring…” These phrases have become engrained in our society and are mostly known to all. These were iconic phrases and will remain so. We know these phrases were met to be iconic due to the repetition of them. These are his main points. He wants freedom for all; it is his dream for America. He always repeated key words that express the theme of his speech and his purpose like, “freedom”, “we”, “our”, and “dream”. Also, how Dr. Martin Luther King delivers the speech, also is memorable. The emotion in his voice is unmistakable to anyone who hears it and it