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Some of the most respected and honored people in the world are the courageous. Often when people are asked to think of a good description of courage, they most likely image the firefighters, the police force, and just the brave people who fight for their countries. Although, it’s easy to image or think of what courage is, but it’s not as simple to describe with words what moral courage actually is with words. Moral Courage is someone who fights for something based on their morals, and defending these morals, no matter the consequences. In To Kill a Mocking Bird, Atticus is easily a character that shows moral courage throughout the story and proves what real courage is. A non-fictional example of a morally courageous person is Martin Luther King Jr., who had a very important role in the civil rights movement.
Again, moral courage is standing up to something no matter of the outcome. Moral courage to me would be like disagreeing with something that you feel is wrong, even if you know that action of yours could end you punishments. We’ve already learned of some of morally courageous events in history such as Rosa Park refusing to give up her seat and ending up being arrested for it, or just Mahatma Gandhi’s actions in general, that’s moral courage. Moral courage is courage demonstrated through holding onto to one’s values. Moral courage is not the same as other types of courage and is distinguishable. A different type of courage would be physically courageous, where something is in jeopardy by the physical actions being performed. Basically, there are different types of courage, and it’s key to know the difference from Courage to Moral Courage. Moral courage doesn’t require physical