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Business management. Public Relations campaign.

1. The gold coast. Despite previously being a popular destination for the rite of passage event: ‘schoolies’. Is now becoming less of a hotspot for graduating students. The main reasons being the excessive alcohol consumption, and the violence and disruptive behaviour that comes with it. This is an issue for the GCCC because ‘schoolies’ is a major source of income and tourism for the council; and with parents, accommodation owners, the local community, and even the kids who are potential customers to the event losing support for the gold coast program, the GCCC has grave concerns about its public relations and how to stop the current trends.

2. A good public relations campaign will firstly focus on the SMARRT aspect of marketing, (Specific Measurable Attainable Results-centred Realistic and Time-bound objectives). These objectives help establish the goals of the PR program. Secondly, a good PR campaign will try to identify the public that it is aiming to market to and begin to assess their interests and ways of getting to them. Thirdly, the campaign will monitor its chosen public and establish strategies and tactics in relation to how to market to and sell their goals to them. Fourthly, after putting the previous strategies in place the need to evaluate the performance that they saw from the campaign and see if any areas of it need improving/ re-doing. And then implement those possible changes. Most successful campaigns continue to implement step four until the campaign is perfect and caters for the business’s/ groups needs.

3. The…