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Ceasar Herrera 11-15-12 Per.5 Be Grateful Being able to walk to the bathroom and taking a warm shower without any difficulty is one of the many small privlages we take for granted. Imagine not be able to do so, having to pour the water you are going to use into a big container & than having to heat the water every time before taking a shower. Having to follow thru with all those steps everyday for a month made me realize how I have it easy at home and it made me be more appreciative to all the things I have. When I was visiting Mexico during the summer of 2008 I was greatly impacted when I saw how my aunt, uncle, and cousins lived. I saw how poverty was common in their area & I saw how their life style was almost completely different from mine. They would often walk to far places instead of getting a ride, they wouldnt go to a fast food restaurant and buy something to eat when they were hungry, and one of the biggest differences is they didn’t sit on the couch and watch television when they would get bored. Even though their neighborhood was really different from where I live and they didn’t have many of the privlages that I have they always looked at everything with a positive attitude and they were really polite to everyone. One of the many ways that I was impacted by while I visited Mexico is that I saw that their stuff wasn’t of the greatest quality. They didn’t have the biggest new television, the newest video game console, new shoes, or new phones, they had the opposite of that but they still appreciated it. They didn’t complain about how they didn’t like their shoes or their tired of the games they have. They were just thankful and grateful for what they owned even though it wasn’t the biggest, newest, or the color they wanted.…