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In the process of doing the activity of documenting the items of food I consumed in the three day period was the conscious knowledge to try to eat in a healthy manner. For a while now, about a year I have made a conscious effort for myself and with my family which includes my husband and four children, we have altered our eating habits to decrease the amount of times we eat outside the home at fast food chains or restaurants. I realize in this day in age, it can be difficult to stick to the regiment of always choosing healthy alternatives.

There was a time when I did have to stop at a fast food chain and order up a snack because of convenience and that is my main reason for choosing items from a fast food chain or even buying some prepackaged foods that might contain higher fats and sodium. I realize my role modeling of eating habits places a large impact on how my children view their eating habits as they continue to make good food choices. I am fortunate to have older children who are self-sufficient and able to decipher whether an item is worth consuming.

As a family we have talked candidly about what good health entails and with the concern of diabetes and heart disease in our family history with relatives whom have shared with us their stories, I feel we can make good healthy choices as we shop in the grocery store and when and if we find ourselves needing to dine out in a restaurant setting. I have scheduled two nights a week where my children are involved with meal planning and preparation and that in itself has come out as a very positive aspect in our lives. My girls have found enjoyment in creating meals and I feel “knowledge is power” (Sir Francis Bacon, Religious Mediations, Of Heresies, 1597
English author, courtier, & philosopher (1561 - 1626) and so we take this to our advantage and continue our lives making good choices in our food selections. There may have been a time on one of the days when I