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3. The problem that this situation is facing is that people that need treatment cannot get it because of insurance policies. However, the hospital integrated the psychiatric ward to the addictions treatment so people seeking help to become sober can use insurance to do so. What is happening is the hospital is aiding people in their quest to become sober by using a billing process that makes it able to be billed to insurance. There is no wrong being done because they are getting the help they need that they could not get without this in place. The consequences would be that people might be upset because of where their tax dollars are going and try and get the service taken away. The course of action would be to make the service public knowledge so people know exactly what is going on and they have no reason to be upset. People need help and this is a perfect way to get them the help they need
4. Relationships with clients are a very serious issue. He makes the argument that he was not sexually engaged with the client while she was in treatment. This is invalid because CASCA states that no one may engage in sexual activity with a current or former client or their significant others. Although she is no longer a client, you still have that client/counselor relationship and that will follow forever. He says that what he does in his personal account is no business of the agency. As a supervisor, I would make him aware that once you have a client, they are a client for life, and you never loose that relationship. Specifically, more because the agency has a policy about relationships with clients. Clients never loose their status of clients to counselors and vice versa. Therefore, any relationship with a client past, present, or future is prohibited.
5. I do not see Joan being in the wrong in this situation. Because she was not apart of the agency until well after Mark had left counseling, I don't see the ban on relationships apply to her. Because she was not aware that he was in counseling and he had left before she had entered the agency, the policy should not apply. If he had in fact been in counseling while she had been work there, this would be a different situation. Since they are both in their respective roles at the agency, they are both bound by Client/Counselor relationship and are prohibited to enter any sort of relationship other than that. But because Mark had left counseling after Joan started work there, it does not apply. I see no issue here specifically because it was family counseling and she had no affiliation with the agency during his time in counseling. As her supervisor, I would give her my blessing. I would also let her know that I will step in and vouch for her because I, as the supervisor, do not see an issue with it.
6. John seems to be a very good counselor. However, clients are very dependent on him and can't decide things without him. That is very dangerous, because of the dependency on him they feel. They can't make decisions for themselves and that if people can't do that, we are not doing our job as counselors. Many people are effected by this. First, John is effected. He will become overloaded with clients and be burned out. He will also soon be in trouble because he is making his clients dependent on him and not helping them helping themselves. The clients are effected because they are not getting the help they intended on getting when they…