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“King of the Hills”
Physics Proposal
Tu Nguyen
2nd Period
Goal: The goal of this proposal is to detail the best possible vehicle that can go down the wooden ramp and land closer to middle than the opposing vehicle after 10 seconds. 1. Repeatability in ending at the desired location. 2. Design to defend against other attacks. 3. Capable of attacking other vehicles. 4. Can be repair easily.
Vehicle Requirements and Restrictions 1. All individuals must compete as individuals with their own vehicles. 2. The vehicle must be self contained with no external controls or controlling devices. Not external wires, strings, or remote control devices are permitted. 3. The vehicle may be powered mechanically, electrically, or a combination of both. No chemicals are permitted! 4. The vehicle mass may not exceed 1 kg 5. The volume of the vehicle at the start of completion must not exceed the volume of a cube that is 15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm. Attacking devices may extend beyond this limit once activated, but cannot be activated before the start of competition. The activation device must be from the vehicle itself, as no external activation is permitted. 6. The vehicle must run within the width of the track. It cannot run on the guide rails. 7. The total cost of purchased parts must not exceed $25. 8. Purchased vehicles may be used for parts, but cannot be used in their initial condition. All vehicles must be constructed on their own