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I like to browse electronics, I am sort of an electronics aficionado so to speak. I enjoy purchasing the latest and the greatest for my home entertainment purposes, which I always use the website www.bestbuy.com to do so. Upon initial viewing of the home page of the site, its intended purpose, is obviously to sell electronics, which is the main staple of the site, as well as major appliances, cell phones, cameras, audio equipment, video games, health and fitness equipment, and many other products.
The intended audience is just about anyone who is looking to purchase electronics, and the other items that I listed for their own personal use or to purchase for other members of their family or friends. This website in my opinion does well to reach its audience through marketing of online ads, as well as television commercials to attract the audience that it is intended for, which is just about anyone wanting to buy these types of products.
Something interesting about his site, and the business, is the fact that you can sign up for a shopper card, such as those that are offered at other retailers, for example Smiths’ Fresh Value card. This card keeps track of the purchases that an individual makes, and assigns them points for a certain amount of money that they spend either online, or in the store, and gives the card holder credit to use on a future purchase, such as money off purchases. I have used this frequently since I purchase from this store, or online abundantly. My best approximation is that I have saved well over 300 dollars while using this shopper card.
I would definitely encourage other shoppers that are interested in buying electronics, appliances, etc., to use this site, because of the functionality of the website. A consumer can create wish lists for future purchases, order online and pick up merchandise in store for free; and a vast amount of their products…