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Are we too obsessed with technology?

Good morning every one.

Before my speech, I have some questions. Do you feel like we have too much technology? Do you feel that there is too much information available? Do you feel like things are moving too fast nowadays? Did you know about the old days and how life was back in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s? Things were done more on intuition. There wasn’t nearly as much information out there.

Nowadays we can see smart phone, laptop and internet any where , because we can’t leave them along. As you can see, we must recognize that we obsessed with latest technologies, it may cause not only distraction, but it may also changes our personalities. Nowadays in the internet, you can find millions of different information about anything and everything what do you want that at your fingertips in mere seconds. You can find people who are on your side, and find stats that back it up.

But now, I starting to wonder if that’s really a good thing. Nearly every month, more and more people say if our use of mobile phone too much could be causing cancer.

Therefore, if our tech obsession may eventually hurt us. Most of the time, the phone and the laptop are a kind of luxury, we want them on account of we feel they are very cool and people who could not behave like this in the real world feel comfortable presenting themselves that way online. At the same time, it is causing many people to become socially withdrawn from the real