I Love Lucy Essay

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I sat at the booth with the window facing the highway, this is my favorite diner been going here since I was a little lad with my pop. The waiter walked over to my table. I read her name tag which read Lucy in a bland print.
“Lucy, you done did your hair” my eyes followed her frame; I can tell she feels my eyes burn into her skin. “You’re looking tasteful”
“You want the usual?” said Lucy the waiter flipped open her notepad “You know it” as he hawked a spit-ball “15 years running” “Alright Cliff, I’ll be right out with your food” I reach over and grab 3 packets of salt and tear them open, all at one and very swiftly trying not to spill the salt. I slowly tip over the small packets of salt and tap my finger on the, forcing the salt out of the folded paper. I carefully arrange the salt in to 3 circles, each smaller than the last. My body seized and I shot up like a cat in water and my face found its way to the table, slamming into the hard surface. “Oh my, are you okay sir?” asked the Lucy, sounding very concerned. “Never been better love” “My name is Lucy sir” “Trust me, I know” he smirked.
She set the plate of food down on the table “Enjoy” and she walked away. As she was walking away I slip my hand up her skirt. She scurry’s off.
On the plate laid a pile of steamy hot stir-fry topped with chopped up Mac’N’Cheese and soaked with chocolate syrup, delicious. Nobody understands me; they all think I’m a crazy wacko hillbilly with no brain. Let me do…