I Love To Study Abroad Essay

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Tai Tuan Lam
ESL 6A, #0723
N. Warner
September, 20th 2014
I Love to Study Abroad In my country, people are really want to get a chance to study abroad in United States or Australia. The reason is the degree and education in my country are not good as other country, so people are working hard to earn money for take a chance to study abroad. However, study abroad in other country in not easy. We need to prepare the transportation for go to school, find the place to live, and learn the common language to communicate. But those are the good experience when study abroad, you have to do everything by yourself and couldn’t reply to other people. It’s a nice challenge that I expected. Living with the people in other country is really helpful when you study abroad. You will see and learn a lots of new things, such like Cooking, Studying, Exercising… It’s easily to learn more after school. Like one time, I need to write an essay for my homework, and I need to add some information from other country. So I asked my roommates, and they told me a lot of Cultural and History from their country. They helped me friendly and explain clearly, so I notice that living with people in other country is a good benefit for study abroad. Transportation is a problem for International Students. Some people whose living far, they need take the bus or driving to school. Actually, It’s not an easy way, because if student miss the bus then they need to wait for a long times. And it will be a big problem for that day. For the new student, they need to prepare the map and direction for the bus station when they take the bus first time. However, after student solve the transportation problem when study