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I read Warriors Omen of the Stars Sign of the Moon by: Erin Hunter. It was a really interesting book. It was about Jayfeather having a dream and interpreting from the dream that he has to go to the mountains. Firestar aloud Jayfeather, Dovewing, Squrrilflight, and Foxleap to go to the mountains but not Lionblaze. Lionblaze didn’t like that but he didn’t argue with his leader. When they got to the mountains Dovewing and Foxleap watched the tribe cats fight an eagle to try and save a cat from the eagles talons they were told to stay behind a rock but Foxleap left the rock to help and he got caught so then Dovewing had to help fight the eagle to help free Foxleap. Then Jayfeather went back in time to when the tribe first got to the mountains and appointed the first ever teller of the pointed stones or Stoneteller her name was Halfmoon. Back then Jayfeather was known as Jays Wing he loved Halfmoon and she loved him. When it was time for Jays Wing to leave the past Halfmoon told him she would wait for him forever. Then when Jayfeather got back to the present which was many moon later he had to appoint the new Stone Teller because the previse one died without doing so.
This story took place in the forest by the lake and in the mountains. There were four main caricatures. The first main character was Jayfeather also his other name Jays Wing. The second main character was Lionblaze. The third main character was Dovewing. The fourth main character was Halfmoon. Finally Lionblaze, Dovewing, and Jayfeather are