Essay on I Recently Watched A Video About How Education Kills Creativity

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I recently watched a video about how education kills creativity, and I have to say that I absolutely agree. The arts and creative classes are being pushed out of the schools. What art classes are still in the school are very few and the children don’t get as much time in them as they need. Kids aren’t encouraged to take classes in the arts; instead they are encouraged to take courses that will help them get ready for college. “The worst thing to do is make a mistake,” said Sir Ken Robinson and he could not be more right. From a very young age we are taught to not make mistakes and if we do we are told to learn from them.
The only classes that our children can even be semi-creative in are the English classes where they often write essays, but even those are marked for their mistakes. What are we teaching our kids? That it’s not ok to be an artist, that it’s not ok to want to be a dancer. Sir Ken Robinson says that children are born with born artistic. They are forced to put that artistic ability on a shelf rather than foster that creativity and let it grow. I believe that is part of the reason why the United States is falling behind in education on a global scale. Generally, the only art-based classes allowed in school are art and music. Instead of being only just an option it should be required for every student. There are studies that show children who participate in music classes score 19 percent higher in English courses and 17 percent higher in Math. They also use