How Do Abusive Parents Affect A Teen's Future

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Evan Saylor
Floyd Central High School

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My search question is how do abusive parents affect a teen’s future. Twenty-one percent of children are physically abused and forty-six percent are neglected. A parent’s job is to be there for their kid and to support them and love them no matter what. If parents do not stop abusing their kids then their kids will likely end up like them and soon 21% will jump to 30% and 30% to 40%. This is a very serious thing and should not be taken lightly those kids need someone to stand up for them and end any form of abuse that is going on in their life. I know that I am just 14 but it hurts me every time I hear that someone was abused and now their parents are in jail. It kills me to know that that kid will never be the same and that he or she was never even given a chance. I know a lot of people who have been abused from their parents and now don’t live with their parents. I am very interested to find out how abuse from their parents affected kids when they had to grow up without their parents. I have always been curious about why parents abuse their kids, but I am sure that the opportunity to research this topic will give me a better understanding. Almost every time the news is on you here about abusive parents whether it’s leaving them in the car or some type of physical abuse. The kids are usually taken from their parents and sent to homes. Some kids don’t even know their parents because they are taken at such a young age. I think that some abusive parents have been abused by their parents, and some parents might have bullied and now think they have to be the bully. Either way I already know that a person’s past plays a huge part in their future. Abuse comes in many different ways including physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional or psychological abuse, neglect, abandonment and financial or material corruption