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Battery City: The city that contains BL/ind’s operating base. Situated in California.
BLI/Blind: shortened forms of Better Living Industries, the world’s ruling corporation and enemy of the killjoys.

Carbons: Money/dollars, eg: “These jokers are asking 15k carbons for an Individual.” Shortened to ‘c’.
Clap: fight, often (but not always) between killjoy and draculoid
Costa Rica/ All Costa Rica/ Go all Costa Rica: to go crazy or bad. Ex: “the fight went all Costa Rica and he wound up dead”
Crash Queen: dare devil. Often (but not always) refers to killjoys with an unhealthy taste for speed and claps. Refers to males and females.

Dead Pegasus: the dominant gas station company
Dust/Dusted: Dead ex: “Billy Buttermilk got dusted out in Zone 3”, “He’s dust by now” Can refer to a non-violent death
Dust Angel: Another name for a resident of the zones. Used by Gerard Way and Dr. Death Defying.
Drac/Draculoid: the vampire-masked killjoy killers
Drain-Brain: Another name for citizens of Battery City

Exterminator: the highest level of scarecrow operatives

Firefight: Fight involving ray-guns.
Flies: Tiny cameras used to spy on people by BL/ind which look exactly like normal flies.

Getaway Mile: another name for Route Guano
Ghost/Ghosted: Dead, usually refers to someone who was murdered or killed versus dying of illness or old age

Helium Wars: Wars that occurred in 2012, maybe interlocked with the ‘Great Fires of 2012’? BL/ind was established shortly after.
Hit the Red Line: literally refers to driving so fast for so long that you "hit the red line" of your cars' gas gauge. In killjoy slang it means to drive on a move forward.
Hyper-Thrust: A nightclub, most likely situated out in the Zones.

Individual, The: BL/ind’s ray-guns, sold online via http://betterlivingindustries.jp (constantly sold-out.) Cost $14,999.99 or ‘15k carbons’.

Lazarus Directive: BLI program that turns corpses (usually former killjoys) and turns them into androids. The common term for the products are zombie droids.

Motorbabies: can refer to either A: a gearhead or B: someone living a life roaming around the zones in their car. Often, but not always, refers to killjoys
Mousekat: BL/ind’s mascot, as seen in their ‘The Miracle Worker’ video. Party Poison wears a heavily-modified Mousekat head in parts of the ‘Na Na Na’ video.

Pig: Generic and somewhat…