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Mais_m Jose Gonzalez
Period 3
Language arts
“Descision is final” The sight of being in school longer is terrible. So now the legislator is thinking on making school hours longer. Record has it that president Barack Obama want to make school hours longer. I disagree with that decision. I disagree with that because we have less time for chores, little bit of concentration, and stress for students and teachers. It will be coldblooded to have more hours of school. To begin with, school hours should not be longer because the limited time for chores. Being in school can affect your house chores like not being able to finish your homework, of your duties at home like cleaning your room, or doing dishes. For example you having a long day of school and when you get home it will be like 6:30 pm and you will barely have time to do homework, clean the floor, do the dishes, eat, take a shower, and get ready for tomorrow. It is a lot of working a day. Secondly, you will have a small amount of concentration. In a long day of working around 3:00 you will be very tired. Every day you can come home to lay down and relax but with longer hours you will have the lost of concentration. lots of students always have that feeling around midday. Longer hours can be very dangerous for some students. Then, longer hours can be stressful to student and teachers. On a typical day teachers always have a lot of papers to grade. So imagine students being in school longer so…