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Spelling List for Years 9 – 10 (high school) abandon abroad absence absolute academic acceptable access accident accommodation accompany accurate accusation acid acknowledge acquire acquisition acre activism actor actress actual adequate adjust admire advertise advise adviser advocate afford afraid afterwards agenda aggressive agricultural agriculture alcohol alert Allah allegation allege alliance allied alongside alter altogether amateur amazing ambassador ambition amendment amid analysis analyst ancient

anniversary announcement antique anxiety anxious appal / appall application appoint appointment appreciate appropriate approval arise arrangement arrival aside aspect assault assembly assistance assistant associate assumption assure athlete atmosphere attach attorney attractive auction ballot barely barrier basically beaten beauty bedroom beer beginning belief belong beneath bloody boost breathe breed brilliant broadcast broadcasting broker
burden calculated cancel capable capacity capture carbon carrier casualty category Catholic
cautious cease ceasefire celebrate celebration cereal ceremony chamber chaos characteristic charity charter Christ cigarette cinema circuit circumstance cite civilian clinic code colleague collective colonel column combat combination combine comedy comfortable command commander commentator commerce commissioner communicate communication comparison compensation compete competitive competitor complaint complicated component

compose comprehensive compromise concede concentrate concentration concept concert concession conclude conclusion concrete condemn confident confront confrontation congressional connection conscience conscious consciousness consequence considering consist consistent constitution construct construction consult consultant contemporary content context continent contract contrast contribute controversial controversy convention conventional conversation convert convict conviction convince cooperate corporation corruption cottage cough counsel counter counterpart coup

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courage coverage criticise / criticize criticism crucial crystal cue cultural curious cutting cycle dare deadline debut declaration decorate deficit define definitely definition delegate delegation deliberate delight demonstrate demonstration deposit depression depth description desert deserve designer desperate dessert detective device dialogue diary diplomat diplomatic disappear disappointed disaster discipline disclose discount distribution divorce drama eager earnings ease echo economic

Spelling List for Years 9 – 10 (high school) economy edit editorial efficient elderly electoral electric electricity electronic elegant eliminate elsewhere embassy emotion emotional emphasise / emphasize empire employ employer employment empty enable encounter enemy engage engineer enhance enormous enterprise entertain entitle entrance equity equivalent era error essentially establishment etc. ethnic everywhere evil exactly examination exception excerpt excess exciting excuse execute exhaust exhibition exile existing expand expectation expense experiment explanation explode exploit explore explosion expose exposure expression extensive extent extreme fabric faction fade fairly familiar fancy fantasy fare fate fault fierce financial fiscal flavour / flavor flee fleet flexible forecast foreigner formula forth fortune foundation frame fraud freeze friendship frustrate fulfil fundamental furniture gallery gamble gear gene generate