Spiritual Success Research Paper

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What is Success?
When I think of spiritual success I think of getting to know God better each day. There is no peak of spiritual success. An individual can learn more and more about God every single day. With most successes in life a person is working towards a single finite goal. With spiritual success an individual is successful if they beat their success on the last day. Spiritual success can also be defined as honoring God in everything one says and does. When these two aspects are combined spiritual success is simply getting to know God better each day through reading the Bible and prayer, as well as honoring God in what we say and do.
If someone was to ask me how much money I wanted to make someday I wouldn’t be able to answer. Sure, I want to make the most money possible like just about everyone in the world. However, I would tell that person that I didn’t so much care about the money as I did providing the best life I could for my family. I have been extremely blessed to be in the family that I am. If I can someday provide the life that my father gave me I will consider myself more than successful. With this said I’m realistic and know that providing the life that my father gave me will be very hard. Material success ultimately for me will be providing the best life I can for my family.
After living in Wisconsin and moving to Florida I can honestly say there is no place I would rather be or live. For me I have already reached location success. I plan to go to