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Unfair Thinking and Behavior
I was unfair when I behaved selfish and just thinking about myself. After the revolution in Egypt my family decided to leave and go to the USA, but I disagreed with them and thought about myself, all I wanted is to finish my degree and get my computer science bachelor from the university I was studying. I had only one year left and my family wanted to leave the country and me leaving will destroy the 3 years that I studied and I will have to study from the scratch. I stood for my family and took my decision about not to go to the USA and finish my degree. They felt down and frustrated because they needed my help out there in a country they don’t know anyone, unfortunately my mother, little brother and older sister came to the USA 1 year before I arrive. It was really hard for them to adopt in a different country with different people, tradition, and life style especially the English is their 2nd language. I felt so bad after staying in Egypt and my family needs over there couldn’t do anything but feeling bad every day for them I hope and pray for them.
At this time, I didn’t realize I was unfair and selfish, I just thought about myself and my future. I accomplished 2 years of computer science bachelor degree and all left with is two more years, But I was blind and thinking that I don’t want to redo all these year again it was not easy to go through 2 years of Computer science bachelor degree. Projects, assignments and presentation it was a lot of work in two years, took time and effort. I felt so bad leaving two years behind and its two more years to be done with the bachelor degree I wanted and I dreamed of. My family had no options about leaving the country and go to the USA since the revolution, my family’s corporation and business dropped and started to be slow, and when took the decision to leave it was the only way to save what they can save and live here. They came here and they latterly don’t know anyone would help them and lead them where to find a place to stay at or a business to invest what’s left, But my mother was strong and she did a lot to maintain everything and to make everything stable and back to normal in the USA.

I now realize that I was unfair and selfish thinking about staying in Egypt and not going to the USA with my family. I was blind because I was worried about my future and destroying it, but I realized that helping my family and being there for them is the best thing ever it will give me the energy to start all over in the USA and pursue the computer science degree again. The first year I came here to my family they started to fresh up because I was just there for them. I started to help them, going to the lawyer, looking for business and