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*What reading have you enjoyed most in the past year and why? For pleasure, I read biography’s and speculative fiction. One of my favorite biography’s that I have read in the past year would be the novel on Steve Jobs written by Walter
Isaacson. The primary reason I enjoyed reading this novel was because Isaacson appealingly captured the brilliance and intelligence of Steve Jobs. However, this biography tends to also focus on the portrait of the young Mr. Jobs; rebellious towards the parents who raised him and contemptuous towards the ones who gave him up for adoption. Although Mr. Isaacson was not systematic about his Jobs’ capricious personality, the word “obnoxious” figures in the book quite frequently. Even by the end of the book, the audience is left questioning if abandonment in childhood made Jobs zealously controlling and manipulative as an adult. Despite these facts, after reading this novel I have come to admire Steve Jobs for a protean creator who's inventions transformed the field of technology. Steve Jobs’ outspoken personality continues to intrigue me, and the world is well aware that his advancements in machinery have unquestionably forever changed our world and generations to come. Another novel that I have enjoyed reading throughout the past year would be Salem’s
Lot written by Stephen King. Out of all the books I have read by King, Salem’s Lot is definitely the most fascinating to me. In this novel, King brings his macabre imagination to life in his tale of a spine tingling