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With Today’s news and reports, usually you would see crimes such as; murders, kidnaps and robberies. It is always likely mentioned in local newspapers that someone is murdered or have been assaulted. There are more articles about criminals being released and committing the same crimes again. Criminals that are put to jail are like they have been given an apartment without having to pay rent or food and having little space to roam. With that said, why should they be released without punishment?
Based on the article “I’m Mad as Hell,” they are trying to say that is a person murders another they should e given the death penalty. Their reasoning is that even through liberals think rehabilitation can solve a murderous problem, most of the rehabilitated murders end up murdering again. They quoted the bible, saying “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,” meaning if you take a life yours should be taken as well. They believe that murders cannot be changed and that the best option is it give them the death penalty.
They say that most released murderers repeat the same cycle of crimes and end up back in jail. Their reasons point out that if the murderers were to still be on the loose and continue this cycle then their crimes would never end; so why not end the cycle? Their other statement about if a criminals takes a life, he has given up his life, was a strong argument. They gave statistics on a recent Gallop poll that was over 70% Americans supported capital punishment.
It’s true that news and headlines are mostly crimes today. The author uses Logos well. Logics are mostly on clear facts such as crimes being committed by the released are true. With statistics of supported capital punishment is a strong fact and yet 70% is not tough enough, which is true. The author used Pathos throughout the entire article. As the reader, feeling the strong emotional pull of determination, myself felt that the author was “Mad as Hell.” It sounds as if they are fed up with hearing it. With Ethos, the author’s tone seems to be outraged. They gave a strong and ambiguous argument and giving the audience a strong sense of questioning and given a clear reason on their…