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1. The whole concept of the memo is to serve as a guideline to be followed when a valued employee of the company quits his/her job. But never is there any distinction made as to who qualifies as a valued employee, and who does not. This could potentially lead to a whole lot of ambiguity, confusion, and wasted effort.
2. This memo is meant to serve as a formal policy on resignation. But then again there is no clarity if it is in regards to the entire employee population, or a certain group of employees that are considered a crucial part of the working machinery that is the company. 3. The memo should really begin with the last step as looking out for signs, or anticipating a problem in the future which saves a great deal of time, and helps the managers be better prepared for an upcoming situation.
4. The memo talks about putting off everything to resolve the issue of resignation of a valued employee, when in reality it is improbable and impractical. Setting down unrealistic rules causes more issues than resolving any.
5. Since the memo deals with the issue of retaining a valued employee, it would seem appropriate if there is mention of some guidelines that would serve to prevent said issue from arising in the first place.
6. Mr. Rodgers should also be willing to take suggestion from the Vice-President(s) and other managers regarding this issue as they will likely have more knowledge and information about it, and could offer more ideas.
7. This memo should firstly be presented as a draft, and should then be modified and finalized after getting feedback from the VPs and managers.
8. One of the steps involved in the memo require crushing down the competitors by expecting the retained employees to decline the