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The educator who has made the most impact in me would have to be Elgin High School’s Athletic Trainer, Daniel Talavera. I say this because he is the one who helped me to realize what I want to accomplish and be in life. I trained under Dan with football for three years and through this experience I realized that what I wanted to be a physical therapist. Honestly, without this experience and hard work that I put in I’d probably still be trying to figure out what I wanted to be, what I was going to major in, where I was going to college at etc. in other words, I would be utterly clueless about where I wanted life to take me. I have known Dan for a while as my Dad’s friend that when we were hurt badly we went to. After a bad experience playing softball my freshman year, I decided to go talk to Dan about training as something to do before wrestling season and to learn more so as to help the wrestlers, I never expected to fall in love with training and everything that it includes. Sure I knew I liked helping people, but through training I figured out my favorite way of helping people: fixing them. Helping someone is how I make it through each day, it makes me happy. This is why Dan is the educator that has had the most impact on my life. He is not a technical teacher like so many others are going to pick, he is not even a coach! That doesn’t matter to me, the way I see it if someone has taught you something valuable that makes them an educator. Dan has taught me much more