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Elexis Rogers Rogers 1 Mr. Rodriguez English 4 21 August 2012

Emotional Intelligence vs. I.Q
Emotional Intelligence is Important to Managing your own behavior and self control. It is also important into the way you handle yourself in social situations and making very important decisions in your life. Emotional Intelligence explains a fundamental element of your behavior. Emotional intelligence is a skill that can change throughout your life. It is a skill that you can either get better at or never make any progress.
In life emotional intelligence and I.Q have no relevance to each other. You will never be able to determine ones I.Q frorm their Emotional intelligence. I.Q is the way you take in information. I.Q Mostly relates to book work and problem solving. Emotional intelligence cannot determine your own personal I.Q, but at the same time is it possible to have one without the other? Another question, which one is more important to life?
Emotional Intelligence is more important to life. Every person has to go through life being around different people every day. One with good emotional intelligence will know how to deal with each and every person that he/she may come into contact with. A person with good Emotional intelligence will do better in a social situation than a person with a high I.Q. A person with great Emotional intelligence will probably get along better with their peers also. Emotional intelligence also has to do with how in tune you are with your emotions and how well you can control your emotions. If you