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1. What are the current challenges facing Bombardier?

They faced challenges from acquiring many companies because during the acquisitions Bombardier inherited the data, processes and systems of each company which created inefficiencies. Systems didn’t communicate with each other resulting in low inventory turns and price inconsistency. This was not productive for Bombardier and was time consuming for the employees. The biggest problem was the low visibility of inventory and the lack of communication between systems. Bombardier had now a global presence but was not organized to maintain growth without changing the vision and processes. Another challenge is resistance to change, this factor can have a huge impact on the new vision and
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Changes were then made and some employees became planners and some buyers. Planners were responsible for determining inventory required and buyers had to place orders with the suppliers. Also new roles in procurement were developed. Some became sourcing agents and others logistics agents. This project is to be controlled in a restricted prodution environment and identify lessons for subsequent roll-outs.

6. What points needed improvement?

I believe that management needs to be involved at all levels for an integration project to succeed. In this article, some managers did not send the same message that the vice-president wanted to be sent across the divisions. This would not help get the employees to get involved and believing in this new vision and changes. Also when there is training scheduled for managers, they must be present and not just send anyone they choose. Maybe not let IT department take control of this project. Get a consultant or someone in the organization that can implement this integration. Once the vision is set, then meet with departments to get feedback. Sometimes just getting information from selected employees will not let you see the complete vision of what is needed. Training material should be screen shots of the system in