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The Villain When J Money was 7 years old, his parents were murdered in the streets of Miami, it seemed as if the only one who cared was himself, eventually the investigations were dropped and nobody cared for his family anymore, so J Money sought to get revenge on the city of Miami. J Money, a 6 foot 6 tan man with abs like steel and veins popping out of his body, almost hulk-like. Wearing only ripped jeans, killing everything in sight. It’s March 19 of 2014 in the streets of Miami when J Money wanted specifically to seek revenge on all of the law enforcement in Miami and Miami Beach because of his parents unsolved murder case.
Evil Dead Beheading everyone in sight because J Money is so angered by everyone in the city. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you’re in J Money’s way, he will behead you with his super sharp machete. “I’ll kill you all!” yelled J Money with each step he took walking down the streets, killing 27 people on Collins Avenue, so far.

Hero “911, what’s your emergency?” said the dispatcher, “there’s a huge man murdering everyone in sight!” yelled the woman. “Ok, sending units right now ma’am” replied the dispatcher. The first police officer to show up to the massacre was Officer Bobby, he is very fat but extremely strong, he can lift car. He had recently lost his father who is commonly known for being heroic in many battles for the US Army. He’s from the outskirts of New York City and recently moved to Miami after his father death. He has seen every crime imaginable, so he wouldn’t want to witness anymore crime in his new city. One day in New York he got a random subject at an elementary school and ended up saving 500 children from the school shooting.
Back at the call of J Money and Officer Bobby at Collins Avenue. They meet, “I…