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Essay Question 1 : Describe how VCOM’s post-baccalaureate program will help you to meet your long-term professional goals.
Already coming from a family with a background in the health professions field, I pretty much had a view of what it would be like in the medical field. Going back to my senior year, I had alot of medical experiences that I enjoyed. I enrolled in a special medical program, Aurora LIGHTS, in my highschool in which I shadowed many physicians, physician assistants, dental assistants, midwives and so on. It was challenging and overwhelming at the same time. I got to help people everyday. With less than a year left of school, I’ve been applying myself in so many different areas in order to better myself as a future
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I know that VCOM provide me with the tools become a sucessful scinetiist and as a potential medical student. I believe that I have what it takes and I will strive my hardest to becoming an outstanding doctor. {626 words}

Essay Question 2 : What are the top five qualities you feel you bring to VCOM that would enhance the overall climate of our college?

Growing up I've never felt like I was placed into a specific category or group. I've always stood out amongst others as long as I can remember. I never liked being a part of the crowd; It never made sense to me why I "had" to wear matching clothes to school. I've always stood out amongst others because of my outlook on life. My parents describe me as "unique" and I couldn't agree with them more. My ability to captivate others with my unique perspective has been nurtured by my creative intelligence. I have the ability to be able to cope with new/unique situations by drawing on my esisiting knoeldge and skills. I see the world different from others in my own unique way and i'm able to devleop ideas that have never esisited before. I've persoanlly applysuch quality almost on a daily basis in my school works. When things do not go as planned, everything seems to fall apart. I Apply my creative intelegence in such such a manner to devise new ways around the problem to find a solution.