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Life; what is it? Is it a warm enticing slice of cherry pie or is it a syringe filled with toxic waste used as a lethal injection? To me life has many definitions, but has far more sentimental value than most of us think. Sometimes we just have to come to a halt to embrace life’s opportunities and appreciate the little things such as being free, being loved by our family and friends, and being blessed to wake up every morning to the aroma of fresh grass. Though life has many directions we go through it to learn and lead, not to be arrogant but modest, to set examples, and also be an encouragement to all by being passionate to the prospect of others advice. “Life is what we make it” and it could blind us at times, but being a human; Life is not based on regrets; it’s about living. Some people go through life without a worry or care in the world. While others go about feeling empty inside or worst yet have to awake to nothing everyday. Battling with drugs and emotional pain, or just trying to stay head above water; just hoping and praying to overcome the struggle; but still manage to drown in misery. Life is not about being Queen B, a mobster, a gangster, or