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BSBMGT502B Manage people performance
Assessment 3 - Project
To be marked competent in this unit, students must respond to all points in the project. A be comprehensive, detailed, demonstrate appropriate research procedures and be supported by suitable references.

Project Read the following case study and critically analyses the situation and write a report in while outline the issues and problems faced by the organization’s members. Describe how you address them. Justify your answers and give detailed reasons for your intended actions.

Case study

Your up-line manager has called you into the office to discuss a situation they have only aware of. One of your major customers, Organization X, has expressed
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10. Prioritize problem areas or areas of weakness.
11. Consider how improving systems or equipment could contribute to resolving problems.
12. Consider whether poor performance reflects bad management, for example, a failure to agree clear objectives and motivate employees.
13. Consider whether you have unrealistic expectations given the caliber or number of employees, and if you need to recruit new talent or reassign roles.
14. Consider whether training will be an effective solution; assess employees' willingness to learn, and preferred learning style.
15. Identify training options; set clear objectives for training activities.
16. Implement a pilot training scheme and review the outcome before rolling the programmer out.
17. Regularly review the outcome of training to identify further training needs and to assess the effectiveness of your training-needs analysis.

Cardinal rules that I will follow are: -
I will focus on critical activities
I will anticipate change
I will analyses the causes of poor performance
I will identify alternatives to training
I will review outcomes
I will not assume different employees have the same needs
I will not expect employees to achieve unrealistic goals, with or without training
I will not ignore other factors contributing to poor performance
I will not organize training without clear objectives
I will not