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Question 1
a) Distinguish between an IP address and a port address. Your answer should describe the general packet structure (with diagram), which layers of the TCP/IP-OSI relate to IP address and port address, and how the IP address and port address ensure correct delivery of the packet.
They are both necessary for correctly routing traffic to its destination but have different scope. An IP address identifies a particular computer on the Internet. The port number identifies a particular program running on that computer.

b) List the five ‘quality of service’ parameters that we have discussed this semester and that form a central platform in information security management. Concisely explain the meaning of each of these
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That is, the set text defines risk in a quantifiable formula on page 143 – how does this contrast with the determination of risk in the NIST
Special Publication? This analysis should centre upon (1) how the information asset is valued within the respective approaches, and (2) how any existing controls are factored into the respective approaches? You should ensure that your description of each approach makes it very clear how risk is a cyclical activity that aims to continually reduce the level of risk to which an asset is exposed.

Question 3
a) i. Provide an overall description of the TJX companies (sector/business model, scale of operation, international distribution) (2 marks)
The TJX business model is built to have tremendous flexibility and grow with the times, enabling us to navigate through economic downturns as well as upturns. It is an off-price retailer of apparel and home fashions in the U.S. and worldwide. The company has more than 3,000 stores in six countries and approximately 179,000 Associates. (, 2013)

TJX Companies, 2013, our company, < >, last access: 16th April 2014 ii. Provide a description of the data breach, i.e., the timeline, when discovered, overview of corporate response, overview of loss.
Contact headquarters through E-mail. It may have E-mail disruption due to hardware failure.