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Nature of Construction Contracts
For this assignment the writer is going to discuss the nature and types of construction contracts and will explain the legal responsibilities of the various parties involved in the design and the construction process. Using different types of sources an explanation to the basic principles of contract law and how they apply. From doing this there will then be an explanation to what extent standard forms of contract are special types of contract. Contract that has been chosen is the JCT 2005 standard from of contract with quantities.
What is standard form of contract?
When it comes to standard forms of contract this is basically a standard type of contract that has been drawn up to be used
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This is basically a piece of legislation that instructs the law that contracts need to be drawn up to prevent possible disputes.
Parties involved in a JCT Design and Build contract.
As explain previously the design and build procurement route the contractor is the single point of responsibility so they will be taken on the majority of the risk. In the JCT 2005 contract it states on page 1 that the contract is designed for larger works designed by the contractor on behalf of the employer, the employer has to provide the contractor with appropriate drawings an bills of quantity and also the quantity and quality of the build.. The people involved are the; employer, contractor, architect/contract administrator and the quantity surveyor. Their roles are clearly indicated at the beginning of the contract.
What makes standard forms of contract special types of contract?
Every construction project is different, every project has different outcomes along the way with different and un-for seen problems which may affect works or even the final outcome of a project which may have sum or major financial implication on the overall price. In adapting to these potential problems makes standard forms of contract special types of contract. For example when a contractor begins to excavate the foundations and under the earth there is problems with the earth which were not seen when the bills of