O’l Anzac Heart Essay

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Monologue on Cloudstreet - Quick Lamb
The o’l Anzac heart
Oh, another year… Anzac day… (Adjusts his hat) Many fella’s are arriv’n today, maybe more than last year at this dawn service. Pity Wax isn’t here today with me. He’ll miss out on the marchin’. He never comes anyway… Ha, that o’l house in the distance there… (Points) Reminds me of the o’l house before Wax boy. (Shakes and look down) That time when I gone roo hunting, never thought I’ll come ‘ome, but the ‘ome thought of me you know.1 Oh man, I regret all those years before pulin’ Rose aside ey. Being sad and all, I didn’t wan’na you know, baulk at shadows all my life.2
That bugger o’ mine… (Roles eyes) Rosemary, embarrasses me all over the place when my boys in blues 3comes for some chug. Like mum… (Smirk) flaming bossy4… Like that o’l family fight, that doesn’t get off me bike. But it’s buggering me outa place!!! She’s tryin’ be the boxy pants and bitch’n all o’er. You know, ever since I became the head police officer, she’s on and on ‘bout herself, “I’m devastated, why didn’t I go to university,” Devastated? Hah, University is for guys anyway… But see’n Wax, reminds me of when I was young… Seeing him alone like me and o’l, He mustn’t put photos on his wall, like I did… (Strokes chin) I wish that day never changed me life… The o’l Fish… (Shakes and bites lip) Feel sorry for Wax, not having any siblings... Rosey doesn’t want any more babies with me after these pills5 being around. It’s bugging me off. But my gawd6!!, Rose gained a few pounds, she was like a bone and now, she’s nothing to compare with that foxy mama of hers. That doesn’t mind me a fly… But, the first talk with Rose, I just knew I wanted her. Instead of that basket case, Lucy. Took a whole lotta’ crap from her7…
I’ve remembered… This day seventeen years ago, I had enough of Fish during the night… (Scratches head) Left me house on Anzac day, I packed for roo shootin’. The day dreams I reckon’, maybe Fish talking to me… I eventually had to come home. At the time, I looked straight through dad and mum like Fish. The hate was always on me, Quick… not the Lamb8. I miss Fish as much as I miss dad too… (Sits down) use to look down on Fish at times. He was the funniest kid in the whole bloody world, and everybody loved him9… That day I took him out for fishing, I asked about his drowning… Said it was a story about him10. Seems like everything unusual happens around the water… (Nods) Hah, already! The first man to land on the moon11 six years ago. That’s cool as a cucumber! The moon and the sky just reminds me of Fish, burstin’ into the sky after drinkin’ that river12… (Looks above)
Similar stuff seven years ago… when the Pickles and the Lamb’s gathered near the river again, my dad died… Poor fella’, had a stroke because of his own wife screamin’ at him… Mum now lives with Red since 3 years ago and ever since that day, she never spoke to anyone else… (Stands up) Like that day when she realised Fish doesn’t see her, after saving him… As I go fishing in that river sometimes, I sense Fish is watchin’, singing as I row me boat!!! That day I glew and that black man passing overhead like an owl13, it was because o’l Fish and the spooky sound of Cloudstreet.
That blackfella’, mysterious man… Still see