Creative Writing: The Wee One

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I have no idea what I am doing.

I came here for inspiration.

And they're making me contribute.

stop it.

help me

i have nothing to contribute

if you're reading this......

i am so sorry


kill me

is this long enough

i hope so

christ maynneeeee

how long does this have to be

i'm about to do some copyright shit

i am sorry

kill me

why am i even trying

fuck you


The Wee One, sat in her thinking place, puzzling. The purple hyacinths grew behind the moss covered rock she sat upon. She was wondering if what she wanted to do was the right thing. The longer she sat in her thinking spot, the more she believed her idea was a good one. With her mind made up to do something she had never done before, the tiny fae took flight on golden wings.

The fae flitted high into the air over the giant oaks and beyond the meadow. She fluttered down on the shore of the Sparkling Lake. The Wee One walked from one stone to another, towards a very large rock. It stood above the others, like a beacon. She hesitated for a moment before whispering to the stone. Suddenly it appeared to rise a little into the air.

The Wee One walked under the stone. A golden box sat beneath it. Quickly she lifted the lid of the box. A Spirit filled the tiny crystal box the fae now held in her hand. As the fae walked out from under the great stone, it settled down once again. Without a moment’s hesitation she took to the air. The fae flitted to her home in the ancient oak, the crystal box now safely in her pocket.

Once home, the Wee One set the box on her mushroom table. The fireflies gathered overhead. The crystal box glittered like diamonds. With trembling hands the Wee One opened the box. Suddenly, before her stood a beautiful Spirit. “Will you help me?” The Wee One pleaded. The Spirit did not so much speak, as it thought. The Wee One knew, the Spirit would help her.

“We shall begin our journey now,” the spirit thought. *poof* In a twinkling, both the Spirit and the Wee One were transported to a city, in the Land of Real.

The Wee One was not prepared for what she saw when they materialized. It was a place that had things called buildings. Some of the buildings were as tall as the Magic Mountain. The air smelled odd and tasted funny. There was not a tree or flower to be seen. “I am frightened,” the fae whispered to the Spirit. “Is this where the children come from?”

“Yes,” the Spirit replied. The Wee One shivered a bit, but the Spirit thought, “It will be okay, I’m with you.” “Now quickly before it gets light open your pouch and do what you have come to do.”

The Wee One reached deep into her pouch and gathered a handful of faerie dust. With the Spirit by her side, she sprinkled the magic dust everywhere. When they had finished the Spirit thought again. “You have done well wee fae, for a first effort; now watch!” Quietly, a gentle rain began to fall. The Spirit smiled, for the sprinkles began to grow flowers and trees everywhere they settled.

As the sun began to rise the city was