O. J. Simpson Murder Case and Ruff Rhyders Persona Essay examples

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Terrance Stewart
Dr. Mark Spinler
9 February 2014

Modern day media is full of biased opinions making it extremely difficult to distinguish factual information from attention seekers. When reading or listening to the media, it should be noted that there are always three sides to the stories when making critical evaluations. A recent controversial story that has emerged throughout the internet raising eyebrows and dropping mouths lies in the hands of a promoter by the name of Damon Feldman. The known promoter of hosting celebrity boxing matches has crossed the line by much when he decided to create a matchup between DMX the famous rapper and song writer and George Zimmerman the acquitted defendant of the Travyon Martin murder trial.
DMX a known famous rapper in the music industry has yet to confirm that he will be entering in this match due to the criticism that has already been revealed. What was not told about this rapper in the article is not only is he forty three years old, but he recently checked himself out of Celebrity Rehab. Entering a boxing ring while recently getting out of rehab isn’t the best idea, but the source of the article decides to only show the readers the Ruff Rhyders persona from 96-98 of DMX. Nearly twenty years ago rapper DMX presented himself as a hot headed pit bull owner that always had a chip on his shoulder. This persona is meant to make the readers believe that this person is belligerent till this day and is willing to get in a