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Question 1
Quality objectives:
“Quality means consistence conformance to costumer expectations” (Slack, Chambers & Johnston 2010 pg 40) Quality for the London eye could mean designing a structure that provides a bird’s eye view of London. Quality could also mean a high design of their processes, including ensuring that all 32 capsules are cleaned, staff are well trained in health and safety and are always professional at all times. Quality also means the London eye is safe and reliable. Quality also means that the timed admissions booking systems (TABS) is on time. Quality could also mean error free processing for their timed admissions system. Quality means that all parts for the London eye is made to specification and the assembly is
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This can affect the utilisation of the service. Maintenance would not affect the utilisation if it is carried out after the opening hours of the London eye.

Industrial actions
Industrial actions in the form of strike can result to a loss in utilisation because without employees operating the London eye it means tourist cannot make use of the service it offers leading to a loss in utilisation.

Security threats
Although this is very unlikely, security threats especially terrorism threats or bomb blasts can also lead to a loss in utilisation. A bomb blast around the London eye could totally destroy it or cause massive damage making the London eye unrepairable while a terror threats would force the staff to evacuate tourists on the London eye.
Health issues
Health issues could pose a threat to the utilisation of the eye,
If a tourist is being sick or injured or a pregnant woman is in one of the capsules during the rotation and goes into labour. The passengers would need to be rushed to the hospital, passengers won’t be allowed in any capsules until the passengers have been taken of the capsules.
Future development.
Future development could lead to a loss of utilisation in the future for the London eye if larger buildings are built around the area of the London eye and thus hindering