P.D.H.P.E on Tennis and Soccer Essay

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Tennis (single sport) and soccer (team sport). * Tennis: * Tennis is an individual sport that requires speed, endurance, strength, mental power and a great deal of concentration. The aim of the game is to see who wins the match of 2/3 sets, and there is no time limit. Tennis requires at least 2 people, a racquet, a ball and a tennis court to play the point on. The ball is hit back and forth between the necessary lines on the court and the first person to either hit a winner or wait for the other player to make a mistake wins the point. The players are allowed to each take about 20 seconds off after each point before starting a new one. Whoever gets to 4 points first in each game wins the game and the race is to get 2 sets each consisting of the first person to get to 6 games. Whoever completes the match first wins it and claims the victory. * If one plays tennis they must be willing to go out for as long as necessary and due to the fact that a tennis match usually ranges for 1-2 hours, if one isn’t fit they will fail and won’t be able to keep up their energy levels for the duration of the period. For some shots you may need to bend your legs in order to reach the ball and so a lot of muscle in a tennis players legs are vital. Core strength is also very important as if stomach muscle can help one to generate more paces on the ball to have more efficient, quick points and a more likely chance of winning the match. Arm strength is important to be able to contrast better points to include techniques such as spin and pace on the ball. * Soccer: * Soccer is a sport that has a time limit of 90 minutes with 2 halves of 45 minutes, with a short half-time break. Soccer is a team sport and involves 2 teams and the team that scores the more goals in the 90 minute time period wins the game and claims glory. Soccer involves a round soccer ball and is played out on a grass field with two large goals on either side. The rules in soccer are simply that simply you can only touch and kick the ball with every part of your body except your arms. The soccer ball is usually kicked using the feet to transport it from one person to another in order to score a goal. The other main rule is that the soccer ball can only be kicked to other team mates and kept inside a certain area. If it goes outside the area it is considered out and the other team claims the ball. Soccer requires many different physical demands if it is to be played consistently and seriously. * Speed is one of the most important and necessary components of soccer in order to be able to support your team mates and out run the other team with the soccer ball. Powerful, leg muscle is also very common in soccer players and if obtained it is a great advantage when the ball needs to be kicked a certain distance in a short amount of time to avoid the other team taking the ball. Endurance is another very important factor in soccer. If one can be energetic and never feel too tired to quit then that team will have a better chance of winning the game as soccer is a very quick and demanding sport, where the fittest team generally wins the game and they can last for the longer period of time without getting tired or losing energy. Some body fat is not required or appreciated but can also be good to help be able to push back the attackers and so nobody can get past them and will be harder for them to take the ball of them.

* The nutritional requirements for tennis are: * In tennis your body needs lots of energy and carbohydrates to keep it strong, healthy and most importantly energetic. So, because of this it is almost essential that tennis players have a large consumption of carbohydrates to keep their training adequate and active. Some good sources of carbohydrates that they can consume are things like pasta, breads, cereals, rice, fruit and dairy and very importantly a regular, daily consumption of vegetables. These types of foods are also generally great