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The aim of our Active living Program was; getting .... to reach and exceed the National Physical Guidelines without interrupting school and other activities. We identified the areas that needed improvement through a survey. It concluded that ... spent too long on electronic media each night, but reached the recommended 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise on 3 days an week. We addressed the problems of low activity seen in the survey by increasing what she already did, as she did them because she enjoyed it and it doesn’t increase stress or creates a new barrier. We also aimed to build up her muscle strength which we did by adding a bone and muscle strengthening exercise to be done each day. We also addressed the use of electronic media by putting a timer on the electronic media in her life.
Process evaluation
I found that collecting the data from ... about her previous activity levels was easy. Creating the survey that addressed her current activity levels and diet proved challenging. That upon answering brought up few more questions. While my survey got me to a point where I was able to identify where her problem was and what need to be modified I was unable to identify specifically when or why she wasn’t reaching the National Physical Guidelines. Which lead to another round of questions about timetable, availability and personal thoughts why she wasn’t reaching National Physical Guidelines.
Concluding the questionnaire and survey I felt I had reached a point where I could actively advise and promote an exercise plan for ...... Both the survey and questionnaire indicated that..... didn’t reach recommend levels of exercise 3 times a week but exceeded recommended levels on other days it also showed she spent too much time on electronic media. These become the main focus for our Active Living Program; our goal becoming gets .... to reach the guidelines on all days and spending less time on electronic media.
How did we implement this? We added 10 more minutes of jogging or swimming and a muscle strengthening exercise. We placed a timer on her electronic media. Why did we do this? Because she already swam or jogged each night so adding a few more minutes wasn’t out of the way or required special equipment, the muscle strengthening exercise doesn’t require any equipment and only lasts for 7 minutes so easy to fit into a busy timetable. And we added a timer to stop her from being tempted to spend longer on electronic media. So this led to our Active Living Program which fulfilled all National Physical Guidelines and addressed ...... problem areas. Example of a week below:

Impact evaluation
To assess how our program, we discussed via email about each day, what worked what didn’t work and how these problems could be solved.
Example of the emails:
Today I did the 7 minute workout a couple times
I found it quite easy because I didn’t have to add much because I was already quite fit because of lifesaving but I feel as if Lifesaving is easier because I’m stronger.
Getting off the tram 2 stops early didn’t work because the time it would take to walk it takes a considerable amount of time in my afternoon, especially on days I have lifesaving etc.
I can’t really think of any improvements but if this was an actual professional thing someone was paying for I’d recommend getting feedback and annotating every week to get the best program.

Today I walked the dog for at least 20 minutes
Once again I found it quite easy as I usually walk the dog.
Though today I found that having the timer on my computer was handy because it stopped me from spending too long on my computer, I thought this was a very good idea and worked well. Other than previous mentioned improvements I haven’t found anything.