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Procter & Gamble
Taylor Woodward

P&G Product Information
 Founded in 1837
 Founded by - William Procter & James Gamble
 Makes a range of Foods, beverages, cleaning agents and personal care products
 Head office is located in Cincinnati, America
 Employs over 138,000 people across the globe

P&G make around 300 products so I've chosen one that comes to my attention and that is
Herbal Essences

Product… Herbal Essences

Components Of Herbal

Stearyl, Cetly & Benzyl alochol
Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine
Fruit Extract
Glutamic acid
Bisaminopropyl Dimethicone
Propylene glycol
Citric Acid
Blue 1


 High Density
Polyethylene (HDPE)

Life Cycle
• Coconut
Chemical Factory:
• Bisaminopropyl Dimethicone
• Propylene glycol
• Methylchloroisothiazolinone
• Methylisothiazolinone etc.
• All bought from Shivar

• Takes Coconut and produces liquid
• Corrects the colour and fragrant

Truck picks up the garbage and is taken to the dump

Put in the garbage user chooses to place in recycle bin or normal garbage

• Bottles are made and bought
• Mixes all the Ingredients
• Each batch is tested on the animals • Bottles are labelled with products logo

The end user may or may not choose to recycle product after it is done •
• Used at home or in hair saloons •

Liquid is put into labelled bottles and put into boxes
Bottles are then transported by trains, planes and trucks to retail suppliers Spatial Distribution Map
Of P&G

Survey Data
I surveyed 25 people of all ages and asked the question “Did you know P&G’s product Herbal
Essences is one of the products that still use Animal testing?” and put it into a graph to see how many knew. These are the results:

Did Know
Did Not Know


Under 15

15 - 29

30 - 44

45 - 59 60 and over

Social Slide
 Procter & Gamble has failed to remove unsafe and potentially cancer causing ingredients from its personal products.
 Some of Procter & Gamble’s products are still tested on animals.
 P&G employ 138000 people worldwide

Economic Slide
 P& G has a reported revenue of $68.22 million  Labor rights organizations have accused
Procter & Gamble's Guangzhou factory of forcing "temporary" employees to work 12 hour days and lobbying against minimal labor standards in China.

Environmental Slide
 Environmental groups have criticized Proctor
& Gamble for working to weaken Europe's laws regarding toxins in household products and for funding an organization that fought
GMO disclosure laws.
 P&G have been accused of ruining rain forest areas in its collection of Palm Oil
 Large number of toxic elements used in there products The Issue

The issue I have chosen to cover is the animal testing that P&G uses for most of their products they sell

Strategy 1

Strategy- No Animal Testing At All


No animal will be harmed
Animals make poor test subjects cause