P+O Ferries Essay

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P+O Ferries
P+O Ferries is a ferry company that uses the sea to take people from one country to another. You can travel by ferry across the sea and they can take you on short or long distances and are used all over the world. they take outbound and domestic tourists to the place they would like to visit. P+O Ferries employ the UK citizens and therefore help our economy by keeping money within this country. They help us spend our wages we earn from our jobs by providing their services along with food and drink on the ferry also. Their roles and responsibilities are to give good customer service, they pride themselves in achieving good customer service. ‘We are committed to providing a safe, reliable and high quality service’ (www.poferries.com) They provide transport from people to get over seas and to get round the UK. (from Dover to Hull.) As they go overseas they also help the economy abroad because they transport people from the UK to France, Belgium and Holland. They don’t provide accommodation on the ferry as the ferry only takes a few hours to travel overseas but they do advertise other recommend hotels for you to stay in for your holidays or business purposes.
The tour operators may use P+O Ferries as transport for their package holidays they put together themselves or they may be used for dynamic package holidays that the tourists put together to get their ideal holiday.
P+O Ferries promotes tourism to the UK and to the abroad countries, this attracts outbound and domestic tourists. The problem with using a ferry is that it can’t get you right to the centre of the country as there is no water there and therefore can’t gt you to the capital of the country and